Monday, 20 June 2016

Embrace needy with your skin: Donate Skin

Skin donation or skin banking is a new concept these days, which no one has ever heard and is aware about it. Some years ago there were awareness campaigns for eye donation and donation of other body parts. Slowly people understood the fact and now people are not reluctant to it. Now this is the era of skin donation.
Women are the major burn victims, as they work in kitchen and while cooking food often they get burn wounds. Apart from this, cases like acid attacks, dowry attacks etc prevails in society. There are many such skin wounds for which replacement with new skin is the only way. Burn wound is the most catastrophic wound of all. In these situations, the only way of retrieving is substitution of other skin. For these reasons skin donation is required.
Skin banking is a process in which skin is removed from donor’s body and then tested. If the skin is found suitable, it is packed and stored for reuse.
Donations can be made while living as well as after death. Donors can be anyone above 16years of age and who is not suffering from any big disease like AIDS, Skin cancer, Hepatitis B etc.
As per eye donation, after death it should be procured within 2hrs of death but in case of skin donation it can be taken up to 24hrs of death. Usually skin is taken off (which is called skin harvesting) from thighs and back. In this way donor also remains unaffected of it. There are total 8 layers of skin, out of which only 1/8th is taken off, which is upper layer of the skin. Moreover, after removing skin from a healthy body, skin cells can grow new skin in some span of time.
The first skin bank was established in USA around 1950. Skin donation can be done in hospitals wherever there are burn units.
According to an article which I read recently in a newspaper, Indore city is leading in donating body parts. It feels great when we read such news, after spreading awareness in this area now people should be made aware of skin donation. Awareness campaigns should be held in which society should be guided to donate skin and that too through proper channel. This will be helpful for so many people who are in need of it. Women NGO’s should come forward and work in this area by which more and more female can get profit out of it.
Today skin donors are very less as compared to the burn patients. The time has come when we should get aware of this technique and without hesitating, through proper channel we should move forward and help the needy people, in living their life like a normal person.

- Arpita K

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