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Marketing traditionally can be defined as activities which are associated with selling of products or service. But now in recent years it is just not the activity related to buying and selling department of the company, rather now it is playing a major role in building good and strong customer relationship for the producer or seller. Marketing strategy includes various promotional activities which gives advantages in the selling of the services or products. Some of the promotional strategies includes advertisements, teasers, video clips, door to door selling, surveying etc. In this same genre one more strategy is exponentially growing which is termed as Cyber Marketing. A new trend of 21st century or rather internet century which is giving an outstanding results in the field of marketing.

Some 10-15 years ago cyber marketing technique started by static websites. The producer developed a website that wasn’t interactive, it just used to display the information and people accessed only to seek information about the company or the products. Gradually dynamic websites were developed which included some interaction on it. Like enquiry forms were generated, feedback, ratings, suggestion forms were included. This helped the companies to interact more with consumers and also to build a positive relation with them. As any consumer which was unhappy or happy can share the feelings with the service provider or the producer. This strategy increased the faith and trust percentage of the consumer towards the producer.

The next step gave birth to ecommerce. Apart from ecommerce various other techniques were also used in cyber marketing like online advertising, social media, email marketing, Search Engine Optimization etc.

Ecommerce: Online shopping was introduce in which consumers can purchase the products online without moving out of their areas. The services are day by day getting easy to access and are getting transparent too. Very small percentage of fraud cases have been recorded which will still reduce in coming years.

Online advertising: These days every house is equipped with either a smart phone or a desktop/laptop. It is the easiest and economic way to reach every home. Youngsters are more and more attracted with such technique.

Social Media: This is the most effective way to market the product. As people are connected with each other through social media. It is an effective way to encourage and attract the consumers to visit your websites. Social commerce is an effective tool for it, which directs a person to the product website.

Email Marketing: This is a common method used by almost every seller. It is very cost effective and economical. A bunch of email ids are needed for it which we can get very easily through various sources. Database has to be maintained for these email id’s and once collated can be used to shoot mails individually and regularly. Almost everyone today access email service.

Search Engine Optimization: Which is abbreviated as SEO, it is a technique to increase web count for sites. Through this techniques links are built by optimizing keywords, so that search engine can direct a good amount of traffic to the websites. But a problem which arises in using this technique is that it directs all kinds of traffic to website which can include low as well high quality traffic. In case of low quality traffic it becomes burden for the owner as in this race theirs a risk of ignoring high quality traffic.

Some of the features which are helpful in Cyber marketing can be:

Developing websites:

Which are easy to remember and access
Which includes attractive and meaningful content
Which should not be overloaded with data which makes the site bulky and slow
Which should not be complicated and confusing, having excessive links and sub-links
Targeting Traffic:

Use various methods like SEO to target the audience. Make sure to target the correct set of audience that is high quality audience to visit your page.

Converting audience to customers:

This should be the prime goal of the cyber marketing which can be done by developing attractive features of the product as well as making attractive visuals for it. The website should be presentable which should also include some offers and discounts. Moreover website should be visitor friendly. Process should have minimum steps so that customers can easily order through these websites.

Many websites have been developed for comparing products where you can find different products with different options and you can easily compare them. Such sites also includes rating for the product, testimonials from the customers, feedbacks, suggestions etc. This definitely helps the customers in making up of mind for buying any particular product of his/her choice.

Cyber Marketing is the strategy to be followed in this era, which is growing exponentially and is expected to grow more with an emergence of newer technologies.

- Arpita

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