Thursday, 16 October 2014


I was just driving around the town in my car once on a weekend, all of a sudden I had to put breaks on since there were few cars in a row in front of me in the middle of the road were stopped. There was no signal, no school, no rush nothing specific to understand that halt. So out of the curiosity I came out of the car and noticed, there was a mother duck and few ducklings after her, were crossing the road and all the cars were patiently waiting for them to cross. Once they crossed the road safely, the traffic started flowing again. There was this sign board on the side saying “duck crossing”. I was totally amazed to the fact that how exactly those ducks know from where they have to cross the road. Could they possibly read the sign or understand it? Are these ducks trained to do so? But then those duck crossing signs are everywhere throughout the country. Duck everywhere cant be trained right? Or they? Oh I left the spot and moved towards my home in total amazing and bit confusing feeling. I talked to one of my Americal friend about it. The reason was simple. Since the ducks often cross the road from that spot only, they put a sign to avoid any accidents. So its the other way round. Sign board was put up there because of the ducks, ducks were not crossing from there because of the sign. Wow... even that small creature has rights and deserve a humane treatment. It just touched my heart.

I got my Indian days flashback when a hit and run driver hits someone on the road because he was in hurry and leave him to die on the road and run away. Once my friend who was driving late night in california hit a dear by mistake. He informed the animal control number right away who in turn came within 2 mins of time and rescued the animal. Ofcourse my friend had to bear the insurance raise and a fat fine. But the best part is even though he knew all of this going to happen he informed the police and gave a great example of honesty and numantarian behaviour. I really felt bad that even though I am indian I know the reality that if the same instance would have happened in India with someone, he might have just run away and not even bother to think about it the early next minute. We in india have very less value to the humans then who is going to worry about the animal. Not everyone is like this but majority of people are. And ofcourse its my own view and experience. There are people who consider their pets as part of the family but here I am talking about the majority. This is something comes from within. No one can force a person to be humble towards all the living beings wheather they are humans or animals or even plants.

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