Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The blue heaven

Vacation well spent

When we hear 'Kaala Pani', I am sure a very negative and a dark picture comes to our mind. Well I recently been to Andaman and I can tell dark is the last thing which you could find on that island or even close to it. Its the brightest, beautiful and a lively island. In my tour of 3 nights and four days, I definitely felt like I m in heaven. I along with my family and friends made a crash plan to just fly over the islands of Andaman and Nicobar islands and escape from the city life. What an escape it was.. The blue water, the beautiful under water colours, the sun and the waves making a soothing sound on the beach day and night and ofcourse the food. The day we reached there was pretty sunny and clear. When we arrived to our hotel, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was right there on the beach. So you cud just come in your room's balcony and enjoy the beautiful beach. We settled in and had a relaxed day at the beach. Later when it was all quite n dark I went back to the beach just to hear the sound of waves. My ears still ringing with that sound. I can close eyes and can see the beach anytime.


Next day we had a early start since it was a city tour. Museums, walks and ofcourse the famous prison cellular jail, aka “Kala Pani”. City tour was ok but when we went to see the prison, I felt a little heavy hearted, don’t know why. And when I started going into the cells and visited every nook of the jail and heard about the torture the prisoners had to go through in British time, it did get my eyes wet. It was a huge building with five sides and three stories each. Every story had huge number of tight small cells and there was just one way to get out of the building, that was in center. I could see how and why no one can ever escaped the walls of this prison. It was robust and was surrounded by the sea. But the most touching spot was “Phansi ghar” I just could feel the pain and the feeling in that place, which I can not describe in words. They had light and sound show at the jail in the evening and that was heart touching as well. Finally we got back with heavy heart and relaxed by the beach.


Next day we were all in a mood of adventure so found out some water sports in the city. We saw a beautiful Ross island on our way. Well I had my heart set on scuba diving. We went to the water sports complex in the city from where a ferry took us to the North bay island. A true blue heaven I can call it. Surrounded by coconut trees, beaches with white sand and corals on the shore and to make it a perfect day, weather was a bit cloudy. We got ready to indulge in the under water beauty and got all our scuba gears on. At first it was kind of scary thought to go under sea but once we got comfortable with it by a quick training on the beach, we were all geared up. Right after a short training in shallow waters, the instructor slowly slided me inside the water and in no time I was looking at the beautiful corals and blue heaven inside the sea. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. It felt like a dream. Mystery of the depth of sea and colourful corals, beautiful small and big fishes, hidden behind the rocks, some of them came to me and started taking nibbles of my dead skins, that was awesome. After a 20 mins of dreamy ride inside water we emerged to the real world. That was really a life changing activity which I would suggest everyone should do once. We got back to our hotel beach, although I was still roaming inside sea world, we went for jet ski ride that shook me out of it. Wow scary for me, but still enjoyed it. We took the rest of the day lazy at the hotel and beach. On our way we saw a suicide point, a beautiful point overlooking green and blue see and many small islands around, I was wondering why would someone come to the heaven to do suicide? And even if he will why would he needs to be a designated point to do suicide? Is it just me or other people also get these weird questions in their head, I am not sure.


The last day we had a flight back to mainland in afternoon. We got back with lot of photos and memories to always keep with us. There were few moments when I felt alone but its all part of life. We should seize the moment of joy while its there, since no one knows when will it fly away.

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